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Featuring ​​​​Dr. Dolly Klock and Michael Robb in conversation

What Your Kids Are Doing Online 
(and The Truth About How It 
Makes Them Feel)

May 5, 7pm PDT

If it feels like your kids are spending all their time online, you’re not wrong! New research from Common Sense Media, shows media use for tweens and teens has grown faster since the start of the pandemic than it has over the last four years. 

For parents and caregivers, managing media use can feel like a losing battle – how do you set appropriate boundaries when their lives are spent almost entirely online? We’ll look at the content behind the data to better understand how your kids’ online activities make them feel – good, bad, or somewhere in between – and use that information to feel empowered about setting boundaries to help your teens find a happy, healthy balance with media.  

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