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Michaeleen Doucleff, PhD


Raising Kind Humans

Tues, Feb 15; 7pm-8:15pm PT




Free for member school parents and for educators from member and non-member schools. Registration closes two hours before the start of this event or when maximum registration is reached.

What can we learn from other cultures to help us raise kind humans? Leveraging her time spent researching three of the world’s most venerable communities - Maya families in Mexico, Inuit families above the Arctic Circle, and Hadzabe families in Tanzania, Dr. Doucleff observed that these cultures don’t have the same challenges with children that Western parents do. Most strikingly, parents build a relationship with their children that is vastly different from the one many Western parents develop—built on cooperation instead of control, trust instead of fear, and personalized needs instead of standardized development milestones. In this talk she will share practical tips learned from other cultures for building calm, confident and conflict-free parent-child relationships.

About Our Speaker

Michaeleen Doucleff, PhD, is the author of the New York Times bestseller Hunt, Gather, Parent. The book describes a way of raising helpful and confident children and explains how American families can incorporate this approach into their busy lives. Dr. Doucleff is also a global health correspondent for NPR’s Science Desk, where she reports about disease outbreaks and children’s health. She has a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Berkeley, California, a master’s degree in viticulture and enology from the University of California, Davis, and a bachelor’s degree in biology from the California Institute of Technology.

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