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Justine Fonte, MEd, MPH



Laying the Groundwork for Healthy Relationships

Justine Fonte, a leading sexuality educator and social justice activist, will explore the skills children and teens need to develop healthy relationships in today’s world. Her practical advice on raising digitally-connected kids will include the changing dynamics of love, desire and consent as well as the importance of talking frankly with our kids about the psychological and social impact of pornography.

Fonte promotes allyship, the lifelong process of building ethical relationships based on self-respect, trust, consistency and accountability. She encourages kids to exercise agency over their bodies and to embrace their authentic selves. Fonte is the director of Health and Wellness at the Dalton School in New York City, where she teaches health and sex-positive programs for students, parents and faculty.

Sessions will be tailored to different parenting stages:

Sex Ed 101*
For Parents of Pre-K & Up

Parents are the #1 sex educators in their children’s lives and this responsibility begins at the pre-K level. If your goal is to learn how to effectively communicate with your child about core sexuality topics so your child ultimately has a fulfilling and safe sexual life, this talk is for you! Ms. Fonte will focus on how to achieve this goal (discussion of body agency, identities and relationships) as well as the barriers that impede us (stigma, misinformation, parental anxiety and gendered expectations).

Sex Ed in the Digital Age**
For Parents of Preteens/Teens

The digital age brings a new level of complexity with regard to sexuality. How do we understand our bodies, behaviors and our beliefs about sex when they are heavily influenced by pornography and other explicit media content? Our youth are particularly vulnerable. How can we promote sex-positivity when pornography is the default sex ed for many adolescents? These sessions will examine these questions. While they are intended for parents of older children, all parents who are interested in understanding this topic through the framework of porn literacy and sex-positivity are encouraged to attend.

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