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Dr. Dolly Klock


Michael Robb

in conversation

What Your Kids Are Doing Online 
(and The Truth About How It 
Makes Them Feel)

The Common Sense Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens

Thurs, May 5; 7pm-8:15pm PT




Free for member school parents and for educators from member and non-member schools. Registration closes two hours before the start of this event or when maximum registration is reached.

If it feels like your kids are spending all their time online, you’re not wrong! According to new research from Common Sense Media, media use for tweens and teens has grown faster since the start of the pandemic than it has over the last four years. For parents and caregivers, the job of managing media use can feel like a losing battle —  how do you set appropriate boundaries when their lives are spent almost entirely online? Part of the solution lies in understanding exactly what they’re doing when they’re online. From watching online videos on YouTube to joining communities on social media, kids are engaging with media for a multitude of reasons, some positive, and some less so. This session is designed to show parents the content behind the numbers so you can better understand how your kids’ online activities make them feel — good, bad, or somewhere in between ­— and use that information to feel empowered about setting boundaries and taking some control to help your kids find a happy, healthy balance with media.

About Our Speakers

Dolly Klock, MD is a board-certified family medicine physician, founder of Adolessons, speaker, consultant and mom of two teens.  Dr. Klock holds a BS from UCLA, an MD from Albany Medical College, and completed her Family Medicine residency at Brown University-Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. She has over twenty years experience helping families connect over tricky topics, and believes that the best preventive medicine is delivered via effective health education. Through Adolessons, Dr. Klock provides individual and group consultations for parents, teens and tweens, around a variety of topics germane to child and adolescent health: childhood sexual development, puberty, teen sexualtiy in the digital age, body image, mental health, vaping/substance use, and more.

Michael Robb, Ph.D. is senior director of research at Common Sense, overseeing the research program, evaluation of organization impact, and program development research. He has published research on the roles of media and technology in children's lives in a variety of academic journals, and his work has been featured in press outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and NPR. Michael also has supervised community educational outreach efforts, helping parents and teachers make the most of quality children's programming. Michael received his B.A. from Tufts University, and M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from UC Riverside.

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