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Connected Schools Member Event
with Peggy Orenstein, Dolly Klock, MD,
Edward Spector, PsyD, and Dr. Supreet Mann

Move Over, Playboy:
Online Pornography Is Here, and Kids Are Watching

Wed, Feb 1, 5:30pm

The days of gentle introductions to sexualized imagery are long gone. The Playboy magazines that children once found underneath a relative's bed seem tame compared to what kids can stumble upon accidentally online, even if searching for something else innocently. The research supports (and parents of older children ruefully note) that kids are being exposed to unwanted imagery at younger and younger ages. And the culture of older kids sharing “nudes” does not seem to be going away.


For the first time, Common Sense has conducted research about kids' access to pornography. Join us for a review of the data with a team of our most trusted advisers on this sensitive topic. We will cover the benefits of basic early sex education, review fascinating new research on why kids share nudes (when they clearly know not to), and help parents know what to say when unwanted situations occur. We know that no one really wants to have this conversation, but parenting in the digital age requires it … and earlier than you think.


This webinar will be 50 minutes, and includes a live chat during the discussion plus a Q&A.

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