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Colin Seale
In conversation with
Ralph Wales, Head of School
St. Matthew's Episcopal School


Raising the Bar on Critical Thinking

Colin Seale's book may be purchased from Books Inc. here.

Tues Feb 9, 7:00pm-8:15pm PT

Free for member school parents and for educators from member and non-member schools.

We’re told that critical thinking is foundational for our children’s learning, an essential 21st century skill for success and a core competency for the future of work. Critical inquiry empowers students to be active rather than passive learners, to question systems, institutions and cultures, and offers a pathway to racial and social justice. But how do students learn the habits and mindsets needed to apply and leverage critical thinking consistently? 


Colin Seale, educator, lawyer and author of Thinking Like a Lawyer: A Framework for Teaching Critical Thinking to All Students, will cover powerful, but practical, strategies parents and educators can use to spark students to shift their thinking from “what and how to?” toward “why and what if?” in preparing for their futures. He addresses the need for developing critical inquiry skills so our children grow to be engaged students and involved citizens, who will lead, innovate, and engage with others to build better systems for everyone. 

About Our Speakers


Colin Seale, educator, attorney and critical thinking evangelist, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where early struggles led to his passion for educational equity. Tracked early into gifted and talented programs, Colin was afforded scholastic opportunities his neighborhood peers were not. Seale founded thinkLaw, an award-winning organization to help educators leverage inquiry-based instructional strategies to close the critical thinking gap and ensure they teach and reach all students, regardless of race or zip code. He is the author of Thinking Like a Lawyer: A Framework for Teaching Critical Thinking to All Students which stresses how critical thinking skills are imperative to the future of work, where the majority of jobs today’s students will hold haven’t even been imagined yet. Seale is also a contributor to Forbes, Education Post and The 74.

Ralph Wales is the Head of St. Matthew’s Episcopal School. He has worked as an educator, administrator, and Head of School for independent schools for over 40 years, including 24 years as Head of the Gordon School in East Providence, Rhode Island where he positioned the school as a leader in early childhood to middle school education and strengthened school culture and diversity. Wales also served a term as President of the Association of Independent Schools in New England and has had recent Interim Head positions at St. George’s Episcopal School in New Orleans and The Benchmark School in Pennsylvania.

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