Michael Pollan in conversation with Jesse Ziff Cool

On Our Plates: Strategies for Feeding Our Families

Michael Pollan and Jesse Ziff Cool join forces to inspire us to rethink what we put on our families’ plates and to open the door to a more nourishing life.

Pollan is an acclaimed authority on healthy and sustainable eating and has revolutionized the way we think about food. With his trademark clarity and wit, Pollan brings welcome simplicity to our daily decisions about what to feed our families. He is a professor at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and the author of four New York Times bestsellers including Food Rules, The Botany of Desire, The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food.


Jesse Ziff Cool is an author, restaurateur and spokesperson for sustainable agriculture and cuisine. She has authored seven cookbooks and founded five highly regarded eco-conscious restaurants in the Bay Area. She is also a lecturer for the Stanford Graduate School of Education and the founder of Farm Fresh at Stanford Hospital.


Carpooling and early arrival are strongly recommended.  Attendees should be parked by 6:45 pm to ensure on time arrival.
Overflow parking and shuttle will be available at the LDS Church located at 1105 Valparaiso Ave (0.3 miles from Menlo School)

Canned food donations for Menlo School’s food drive benefiting Second Harvest are encouraged.

Wed, Nov 4, 2015, 7pm

Menlo School

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