The Common Ground Speaker Series is a parent education consortium on the San Francisco Peninsula. Each year we proudly present a slate of cutting-edge speakers, topics and special events designed to inform, engage and inspire the communities we serve.

Common Ground began with only eight member schools in 2002. Today, we represent more than 10,000 families at 30 member schools, stretching from Hillsborough to San Jose. Our events take place at a variety of public venues on the Peninsula.

Common Ground is an all-volunteer organization led by representatives from each member school. We work as a team to provide a stimulating forum for parents and educators to learn, strategize and develop a sense of shared community. We are grateful for support from our member schools and for the energy of our exceptional volunteers.

We invite you to join us this seasonĀ and to explore innovative ways to keep our families, schools, and communities strong in the 21st century.